Frequently asked questions

We take people aged 3 and up. There is no upper age limit, physical ability permitting.

To drive a snowmobile you require a current drivers licence.

Snowmobiles are easy to operate. Our guides provide expert tuition and are able to instil confidence in even the most apprehensive of drivers.

We want everyone to feel comfortable with the pace of the tour and ensure that you are well within your own comfort zone. The guides always lead at a pace that suits the driver with the least ability.

  • Weather in Falls Creek can change very quickly and it is important that all guests are dressed accordingly.
  • You need to have clothing that is appropriate for cold weather.
  • We suggest a warm jacket, pants, hat, gloves and goggles / sunglasses.
  • Good, non-slip walking boots or snowboarding boots. Ski boots are prohibited.
  • A helmet, available at your preferred ski hire or bring your own. Yogi’s Ski & Snowboard hire offer a discount on helmets for snowmobile tour customers.
  • Your Ski Lift Ticket or you will need to purchase a single Eagle Express Chairlift Access Snowmobile Tour Return ticket from Falls Creek Sports – Village Bowl, also known as Base One.

To get to us on time, you must be seated on the Eagle Express Chairlift at least 15 minutes prior to your tour start time. This allows for the trip up the chairlift and a 150 metre walk down to where the snowmobiles are based.

  • The Ski Lift Company sells a single Eagle Chairlift Access Snowmobile Tour Return. Tickets cost $32 for an Adult and $21 for a Child and are not available online. You can purchase these tickets from their shop, Falls Creek Sports – Village Bowl. It is located near the bottom of the Eagle Chair.
  • From the carparks, the best way to the Eagle Chairlift is via the Gully Chairlift.  If you inform the Gully Chairlift operator that you are going on a snowmobile tour, they will let you ride the lift (provided you are not carrying skis, snowboards or toboggans) so you can purchase your Eagle Chairlift ticket in Falls Creek Sports – Village Bowl.
  • As you drive into Falls Creek, the first car park on your left is the Gully Car Park.  The Gully Chairlift is opposite the Gully Car Park.  If that car park is full, park where you are directed and catch a free shuttle back to the Gully Chairlift.

NB: To ride on the Eagle Chairlift as a foot passenger each person must have the ability to move to the load point, ride and unload with minimal assistance.

Please allow about 1.5 hours for a Daytime Tour and approximately 2 hours for a Twilight Tour. This includes a safety briefing and basic training on driving a snowmobile followed by a demonstration.  Then you get to practice in a confined area and when everyone is comfortable, the tour departs.  Touring on the trails is at least an hour with plenty of opportunities to take photos and swap drivers for those sharing the driving. Daytime Tours conclude where the snowmobiles are based. Twilight Tours conclude in the Village Bowl near the base of the Eagle Express Chairlift or alternatively, when night skiing is operational, guests download on Halley’s Comet Chairlift.

Tours can take in the magnificent views of Mt McKay, The Summit, Frying Pan Spur, Pretty Valley Road or the winding Road 24, which runs down the back side of the Summit as low as Howmans Gap when the snow permits. Tour routes change regularly depending on weather and snow conditions.

You may bring a small backpack to carry a bottle of water, any medications, inhalers, special food for diabetics or any other necessary items. Remember there are plenty of good photos to be taken so make sure your phone is charged as the cold can drain the battery quickly.

To avoid disappointment, we encourage guests to book well in advance.

Please note – Changes to bookings will only be accepted from or sent to the person in whose name the booking is made and is not in effect until confirmed by email.

48 Hours before tour – If you cancel your reservation 48 hours before your tour it is 100% refundable. Any cancellation within the 48 hours is non-refundable.

Changes to bookings must be submitted and confirmed in writing 48 hours before the tour.

24 Hours before tour – If you cancel at least 24 hours before your reserved tour, we will extend a credit to you, redeemable for a year (non-transferable).

Day of tour – If you cancel on the day of your reserved tour, there is no refund and no credit. This also includes late arrivals, no shows and not using reserved snowmobiles on the day of the tour. For example, if you reserve 4 snowmobiles and on the day of your tour you end up only using 3 snowmobiles, you will still be charged for 4 snowmobiles.

Rescheduling within 48 hours of your tour – This is considered a cancellation and you will need to make a new reservation for another tour. Credit may apply if it’s at least 24 hours prior to your reserved tour.

Falls Creek Snowmobile Tours Cancellation – If FCST cancels any tour due to weather, mechanical failure, unsafe conditions or insufficient snow, a full refund will be provided.

We never overbook any of our tours. These policies ensure our ability to uphold our end of the reservation commitments.

Weather – Generally we operate regardless of weather conditions. However, there are exceptions determined at the discretion of the tour guide.

Please note that this is an extremely rare occurrence.

The cost of repairs can be very expensive and if the snowmobile required replacement the bill would come to around $16,000.

During the booking process you will be asked to acknowledge that if you accidentally damage the snowmobile you will be liable for the cost of repair. 

The good news is that Falls Creek Snowmobile Tours offers a “Repair Fund” of $20 per snowmobile to reduce the total liability. If a snowmobile is damaged, by contributing $20 (per snowmobile) to this fund before your tour, you will only be responsible for the first $400 of damage done.

If you choose not to pay this additional fee, you will be responsible for 100% of any and all damage.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Our mobile operators are at times out of range so please leave your number or send us an email; we will always respond.

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